We’ve taken time, care and our passion for food to come up with a diverse range of quality chutney, pickles, relish, sauce and jam; all handmade in small batch, open preserving pans to maintain their consistently impeccable taste.

We believe in using top quality, locally sourced produce where possible. We're additive free, leaving just the untainted taste of naturally beautiful fruit and veg. You can cook up a storm with our chilli relishes and taste the real Vietnam with our double award winning Sa Va Tu'o'ng O't. Spoon on any of our Posh Pickles and Preserves to enjoy an addictively delicious combination of spices, fresh fruit and tasty vegetables. Give your food an injection of the lively, unique flavours that are crammed into each jar of our gorgeous Posh products.

As well as our permanent range of products, we’ll constantly be adding specials depending on what fruit and veg are in top, seasonal form.

Current Seasonals

Current Specials 

Go to our online store and have a look at Pecan, Pear and Apple Chutney! It's been described as:

" Strudel in a Jar "

So, perfect for your cheese board and a great match with pate and cold meat.

Our Recipe Page is full of ideas about what to do with your chutney and relish. It's not just cheese..... Mix them through sauces, marinade fish or meat, mix into crab cakes, combine with yogurt or mayo for a tasty dip, use as a curry base, braise your sausages, blob onto cheese on toast and watch it sizzle under the grill! We want to see people cooking with our products as well as putting a big spoonful on a sandwich!